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Testing and Balancing of Air Conditioning Systems

District cooling is more cost efficient than conventional cooling systems, it is also more reliable, more energy efficient, and has less negative environmental impact than typical approaches to air-conditioning.

Testing, adjusting and balancing are essential service in establishing and maintaining the comfort and efficiency of a district cooling system after a building is constructed.

When air and water balancing services are  provided during the pre-construction planning and final construction phases, the owner is confident that the HVAC systems in the building will operate at the most efficient level.

As tenants move into the building they will experience an optimal air conditioned environment. Continued maintenance will help maintain this quality environment and provide energy cost savings to the owner.

When a building is not properly tested the temperature imbalance will be imminent at various locations, making them either too hot or too cold and leads to sudden thermostat adjustments within a given unit. This type of environment promotes the use of other ventilation devices such as electric fans which will result in an increase in energy cost and dissatisfied residents.

With proper testing, adjusting and balancing, problems in the ventilation and air conditioning systems are diagnosed and solutions are implemented. Regular testing and balancing exercises will also maximize the efficiency and minimize the operating costs, resulting in low energy and water consumption.

Testing and balancing of a building’s air conditioning system also helps to reduce odors and noise as well as drafts and hot/cold spots which could lead to uneven ambiance and temperature.

Additionally, testing and balancing at the final stages of construction will enable the detection of construction deficiencies in the building design which may lead to an increase in the energy and water consumption.

Testing and balancing regularly will also help prolong the life of equipment whilst reducing maintenance costs. It will also create and maintain a comfortable environment and improves indoor air quality to create a healthier environment.

Balancing water systems is done for the same reasons as with air conditioning systems. Providing proper water flow from pumps and coils provides 5 – 15% savings in energy costs and improves HVAC performance in terms of a tenants health and comfort.

It is important for building owners and contractors familiarize themselves with the benefits of testing and balancing during regularly so that problems do not arise and maximum savings are achieved.