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Community Investment
Employing resources and employee contributions to manage positive change within local communities, including corporate and employee donations and volunteering with local non-profits and NGOs. Form partnerships with organizations and NGOs to support the community through events and environmental causes. Be visible and active within the community addressing concerns.

Qatar Cool are active in supporting educational institutes throughout Qatar.  We are advocates for expanding the knowledge of our future generations and instilling the importance of a sustainable future.  Qatar Cool participate in many varieties of educational programs, from giving talks to the students, sponsoring programs, hosting plant tours and visits and our internship program. 

Plant Tours

We hold regular plant tours for schools, universities, government bodies and other businesses to teach them about district cooling, the benefits, and sustainable practices. Our plant tours have proven to be a big success, especially with our younger audiences. Having the opportunity to open our doors and show first-hand what we do and the importance of sustainable system such as ours is crucial, particularly to the future generation and country leaders.

Texas A&M

We have entered a twelve-month STEM program with Texas A&M. the program will gather school children from a variety of local schools to take part in the energy and water conservation project. Throughout the project the students will learn the engineering design process and importance of conservation, understand how district cooling works, learn the importance of environmental protection, and conclude with building a fully fledged functioning model of their learnings.

STEM Programs

A new initiative being implemented in 2022 is our independent STEM programs. Centred around worldwide recognized days, such as World Environment Day. We aim to work with local schools with the programs to tackle these important topics, educate the students and give them a hands-on attitude towards sustainability.

Educational Talks

We frequently visit schools and universities to discuss the fundamentals of district cooling and the importance of creating a sustainable environment. We partake in career fairs and events where students can learn more about the industry and sign-up to our internship programs.

Internship Program

Our internship program is aimed at students who have studied in Qatar and international universities. Our Talent, Development and Acquisition team attend several careers fairs and open university events, such as Texas A&M, Qatar University and CCQ to find the right students for our program. We hold two types of internship programs, summer, and fresh graduate.

Career Fairs

We are active with the local universities in Qatar, frequenting career fairs and promoting the employment opportunities with our organization. We offer great career development for our employees and fresh graduates alike. We believe in encouraging our people to grown, learn and progress their careers organically. 

Qatar University Exhibition

Annually we sponsor the Qatar University CSR Exhibition and Report.  The exhibition allows us an audience with the students to discuss the efforts made by the organization and to discuss potential career and internship opportunities for the students.  

International Women's Day

Diversity in the workforce and supporting gender equality forms part of our core values and is deeply imbedded in our culture.  We encourage our people to attend and participate in such educational talks, where they can inspire and empower women. 

Interactive Learning

Annually we run and participate in many educational sessions with school students on important environmental topics.  We combine the talks with major world environmental themes, providing the students with an engaging and interactive learning experience.