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Water and Energy

Sustainable management of natural resources & safeguard water ecosystems
Growing and expanding the skills of the current workforce and providing our employees with professional development opportunities through training and continuous education. Stewardship National vision in safeguarding the water and natural resources by adapting latest technologies and state-of-art approaches those pursuant toward QNV 2030.
Sustainable Energy Production, Supply and Consumption
Efforts to reduce energy consumption across the organization, including our operations, and those of our suppliers. Includes office efficiency, operational energy efficiency and conservation, and renewable energy.

Energy Efficiency

Qatar Cool’s systems are designed to improve the cooling plants energy efficiency, reduce the total energy consumption as well as being durable with high flow rates.  Since inception in 2003, Qatar Cool has achieved continuous operational reliability with no interruptions to service, due to our expertise and system management. 

0 Billion kWh = 12,000
Reduction in Energy Consumption
= 0 Billion
Tons of CO2
= 0
Removing off the road

Treated Sewage Effluent

Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) until recently was a water source reserved mainly for irrigation and was not marketable for other uses. Since the regulation changes in the region TSE has gained momentum, namely in the district cooling industry. The use of TSE can significantly reduce capital costs and operational costs, whist reducing the demand on fresh/potable water.

Qatar Cool has implemented TSE in all three cooling plants in the West Bay district, two of which receive direct TSE and the third via an onsite Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant.

TSE and wastewater have remarkable potential and benefits in supplementing the fresh water demand, in such industries. Generation of TSE is significantly economical and consumes less energy compared to potable water.

Qatar Cool are seeing the benefits of switching to TSE and anticipate the positive long-term effects.  The graph shows our potable water savings since implementing TSE into our West Bay cooling plants in 2015. 

0 Million
m3 potable water saved
0 Years
Since the conversion
0 Villas
Enough to run for 1 year

Reverse Osmosis Plants

Our two Pearl Qatar cooling plants utilize a Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant, with a unique feature of using sea water thereby eliminating the need to use fresh/potable water.  Plant three in West Bay also has an inhouse RO plant which uses TSE instead of potable water.   

Direct TSE

Our first two cooling plants in West Bay, Plants one and two, were retrofitted in 2015 to allow the use of direct TSE in our operations.  The two cooling plants use 100% TSE in operations, saving a substantial amount of potable water, when combined with its sister plants. 

Thermal Storage Energy Tank

The thermal energy storage tank (TES) allows cold energy to be stored, in off-peak periods, this will then be used to deliver chilled water to our customer at peak times, allowing for significant savings in energy over conventional cooling systems.


The roof has been designed with a translucent material which will promote natural light within the building, thus reducing the need for energy consuming light fixtures, during daylight hours. High efficiency light fixtures will be installed throughout the building, which will be controlled by presence detection sensors, allowing the lights to turn on only when the area is occupied.

Conservation Awareness

We host a variety of environmental themed activities with our partners, schools, and the community alike. The topics vary from energy conservation, water, and air pollution to food scarcity.  We work with a variety of companies within the community to tackle these issues and provide solutions and training alike.

Energy Efficiency

Our energy conservation strategies include lowering our electrical consumption through high efficiency lighting, controls, and HVAC, as well as upgrading and implementing IT infrastructure.  We have several initiatives within the organization to be energy aware, from turning off unnecessary energy consuming fixtures and technologies when not in use to monitoring and improving waste and over consumption.

Water Efficiency

To conserve potable water, we have installed low-flow restroom fixtures, irrigation features and high efficiency cooling towers.  Our newest cooling plants have been designed and constructed with water conservation in mind, from what we use to build the cooling plant to what we use in our operations. We use Treated Sewage Effluent in our operations to further reduce the demand on potable water.  Using wastewater has significantly reduced our water consumption. 

Tarsheed Partnership

Tarsheed, a national campaign for the conservation and efficient use of water and electricity in Qatar. Tarsheed shares information, awareness, encouragement, and practical lifestyle suggestions, to reduce daily consumption of water and electricity, thereby reducing annual national consumption levels per capita.  We are avid supporters of Tarsheed and frequently support their environmentally themed CSR activities, whilst extending the conservation mindset through our own campaigns within the community.


Kahramaa are the national water and electricity provider in Qatar.  They have a dedicated district cooling division which oversees the industry providers, sets district cooling codes and regulations to ensure the provision and consumption of energy is sustainable and efficient.  Qatar Cool works closely with Kahramaa aiding in information sharing, supporting the laws and regulations surrounding district cooling.  Our West Bay cooling plants switched to treated sewage effluent in our operations in 2015 as part of the water scarcity resolution issued by Kahramaa.