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Reduce Environmental Impact of Cities through Sustainable Urbanization and Planning
Cooperation with governments to promote district cooling as a system of choice. District cooling to be considered in all major development plans with the support needed. Research into current districts utilizing conventional cooling, to convert into district cooling.
Enhance availability of reliable data
Cooperation within the industry and domestic environments to provide reliable data.
Sustainable economic growth through innovation and productivity
Implement new technology to enhance efficiency and effects on the environment and community. Research opportunities to diversify in the energy industry.
Advance policies for resources efficiency, risk management & develop sustainable resilience
Support and drive policies on district cooling in Qatar.
Knowledge Sharing and Cooperation in Industry Technologies
Active participation in industry related conferences, seminars, and events. Strategic partnerships and cooperation with industry leaders and influencers. Publication of expert articles and interviews on industry news, technology, and challenges. Participation in thought leader meetings and roundtables through partnerships and associations.
Encourage and Support Research and Technology in Clean Energy
Provide valuable internships programs for students. Participate and support research into cleaner energy, technology, and conservation agendas . Make appearances and provide lectures on district cooling, the principles, and the technological advances. Enter partnerships with thought leaders, universities, and governmental entities to promote clean energy and technology advancement.

We have partnered with leading district energy organizations from around the world, to strengthen and develop our knowledge and reach. Our Cooperation and partners have an aligned goal to enhance the availability of data, reduce environmental impact and increase energy efficiency in industry technology. 

Al Attiyah Foundation

Our partnership with the Al Attiyah Foundation aims to connect industry leaders in all branches of the energy sector.  Qatar Cool’s placement within the foundation lends its voice and expertise in district energy.  The Foundation’s objectives are to bring together industry leaders, governments, and the community to confront issues affecting humanity, climate change and sustainability, something that resonates strongly in Qatar Cool.   

International District Energy Association

Qatar Cool have been active members of the International District Energy Association since our inception.  IDEA bring together energy entities globally to form a knowledge hub, focused on clean energy and sustainable solutions for community scale markets.  We participate in many forums within the association, sharing our experience, expertise, and solutions. 

Euroheat and Power

Euroheat and Power have a global reach in the national district heating and cooling associations, utilities operating district energy systems, industrial associations and companies, manufacturers, universities, research institutes and consultancies active in the sector. Having a relationship in the European market through Euroheat allows us to share knowledge and best practices with fellow district energy providers, strengthening the common goal of sustainable energy.

Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association

APUEA convenes stakeholders from a variety of sectors to advance sustainable urban energy, promotes market development for sustainable urban energy systems, shares global and regional experiences and best practices; and facilitates collaboration on sustainable urban energy projects.  Being in the Asian market allows us to aid in the development of district energy within the region, sharing our knowledge and knowhow to developing cities.


Tarsheed, a national campaign for the conservation and efficient use of water and electricity in Qatar. Tarsheed shares information, awareness, encouragement, and practical lifestyle suggestions, to reduce daily consumption of water and electricity, thereby reducing annual national consumption levels per capita.  We are avid supporters of Tarsheed and frequently support their environmentally themed CSR activities, whilst extending the conservation mindset through our own campaigns within the community.


Kahramaa are the national water and electricity provider in Qatar.  They have a dedicated district cooling division which oversees the industry providers, sets district cooling codes and regulations to ensure the provision and consumption of energy is sustainable and efficient.  Qatar Cool works closely with Kahramaa aiding in information sharing, supporting the laws and regulations surrounding district cooling.  Our West Bay cooling plants switched to treated sewage effluent in our operations in 2015 as part of the water scarcity solution issued by Kahramaa.


Qatar Cool participates and supports many educational bodies in Qatar.  We are often involved with research and development projects, research funds and consulted on energy related studies.  We take an active role in supporting the future engineers with frequent talks and workshops. Qatar Cool have partnered with institutes with research and develop enhancements to system functions, which improve efficiency and life cycles of resources.

Qatar Environmentl & Energy Research Institute

The MOU between Qatar Cool and QEERI lays out plans for elevation of environmental practices and improvements focused around district cooling. Qatar Cool and QEERI will work together to strengthen institutional exchange of personnel, scientific and technological information focused on how to augment  and supplement consumption of natural resources whilst  ensuring maximum efficiency of service.

Qatar Society of Engineers

Qatar Society of Engineers (QSE) is a non- profit professional organization. QSE aims to contribute towards the urban and industrial development in the country, and to encourage scientific and engineering research through publications, conferences, seminars, technical visits, technical competitions, and exchange of information with other engineering societies and organizations.