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customers and Community

Uphold best-in-class customer experience and services
Provide first class customer service with timely and professional responses. Offering customers, a confidential transparent service. implementation of state-of-the-art automated billing system, E-Billing and multiple online payment options. Offering online support, comprehensive website, and social media channels to enhance customer service communication.
Community Investment
Employing resources and employee contributions to manage positive change within local communities, including corporate and employee donations and volunteering with local non-profits and NGOs. Form partnerships with organizations and NGOs to support the community through events and environmental causes. Be visible and active within the community addressing concerns.

At Qatar Cool our customers are our priority, this is evident from our core values, one of which being ‘Customer Focus’.

Since inception we have developed and enhanced detailed customer orientated systems to enable us to serve our customers to the highest degree. Not only do we pride ourselves with excellent customer service standards, but we employ the latest technology that will yield the greatest benefits for our customers and our community alike.

To support our sustainable practices, we provide our customers with a dedicated section on our website, where information and payment channels are available. Furthermore, we have a dedicated team on hand.

Before implementation of our digital online payment options, our customers would need to visit our office to settle their bills and seek information in person. Now they can settle their bills anywhere in the world within a few clicks.

Employing various payment means has benefited us by improving efficiency, reducing our customers carbon footprint, and allowing us to effectively respond to customer needs quicker and in a more sustainable manner.

Blood Donation Drive

In collaboration with Hamad Hospital, we run a blood donation drive annually on the Pearl Qatar. We invite our people along with the community to visit our facilities and donate blood. We offer plant visits and the opportunity for our community and customers alike to engage with us and gain a better understanding of who we are and what benefits we bring to our community.


We reach out to local NGO’s regularly to offer our support, where we can. As non-government organizations they rely heavily on the support of the community to subsidize their purpose and day to day requirements. We like to fully immures ourselves with the NGO’s with a hands-on approach, and have been known to paint their buildings exterior, provide free maintenance of their air conditioning systems, lighting fixtures etc. it’s important to use to give back to our community and support those companies that offer their services with no government contribution.

Clothes Drive

We pride ourselves in supporting local charities, annually we hold clothes drives on the Pearl Qatar, where we encourage the community and our people to donate all unneeded items of clothing, children’s toys, luggage etc. We work with Qatar Charity providing our collections for their distribution to those in need.  Giving back is important to use, and having the community join us in such campaigns is even more important. 

Ramadan Donations

We regularly partner with Wahab and local restaurants to supply Iftar meals to the labor workforce and low-income homes during the Holy month of Ramadan. Not everyone has the ability or resources to have regular nutritious meals. By supporting Wahab and similar entities we can ensure the health and wellness of the community, one meal at a time.

International Days

Throughout the year we run community and school events centered around some of the prominent international days, such and world environment day, world ocean day etc.  Our activities range from distributing bottled water to outside workers, beach clean-ups, Classroom activities and much more.

Customer Appreciation

We hold a variety of appreciation events for our customers . From Suhoor’s and Iftars to open plant days, promotions and competitions and community events.  Our community is of upmost importance to us, involving and appreciating them is at the forefront of any activity we organize. 

Community Events

Partnering with UDC and other companies to hold fun and engaging open day activities for our customers and visitors of the Pearl Qatar.  We run a variety of community events where our customers can join us in themed activities, engage with us and support our environmental initiatives.

Environmental activities

We host a variety of environmental themed activities with our partners, schools, and the community alike. The topics vary from energy conservation, water, and air pollution to food scarcity.  We work with a variety of companies within the community to tackle these issues and provide solutions and training alike.