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What We Offer

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Electricity Reduction
KW-HR Saved
Tons of CO2 Reduced
 The figures show the reductions in the first year of operation from a converted 12 story high-rise building to district cooling, from conventional cooling


We offer an extensive array of services from extending cooling services in existing developments to implementation of cooling systems in new developments.

What we offer


The conversion from conventional cooling systems to a district cooling system entails the removal of on-site chiller plants, and heat rejecting condensers, from individual buildings, noise and mechanical vibrations, as well as thermal plume and waste heat pollution can be significantly reduced.


Preliminary study on the Feasibility of the implementation of the system

Design & Develop

Complete cohesive system and pipe distribution design and development


Operation and Maintenance provision, and Cooling Contract management

Helping you to Convert to sustainable Energy

360° Cooling Solutions

Why Us

Our extensive experience in the district cooling industry allows us to provide you with the expertise and knowledge to implement and run a successful cooling service


20 years of experience in Sustainable cooling solutions


Optimization and enhancement of plant and customer performance


Complete compliance with local and international standards and laws


Utilization of state-of-the-art systems, technologies and practices

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