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Frequently Asked Questions


Most frequent questions and answers

How do I check the cooling fees for my property?

You can use Qatar Cool’s ‘Cooling Service Calculator, located in the left menu.

Why have you disconnected my service event though I have paid?

Disconnection of service could be attributed to various reasons, which may be linked to payment at times or to other technical or legal issues. For the most efficient resolution, please be sure to settle your bills on time and contact the customer service team for any connection-related matters.

Are the fees likely to change? What factors might cause this?

Qatar Cool’s fees, like those of all other utilities’, may change due to increases in inflation, fuel and production costs. However, Qatar Cool has always made a commitment to keep our fees competitive.

How do I arrange a re-connection?

All outstanding amounts will need to be settled prior to being re-connected.  Visit our payment section to view the options of paying your bill.  Once the payment has been made you can contact our customer service office to arrange the re-connection.  The re-connection, in most cases, will take place on the same day as the settlement of the outstanding amount.

Who owns the energy meter for my property?

The unit owner owns the energy meter. Qatar Cool maintains it for a fee. If the meter requires replacement, then the owner shall pay the associated cost.

There is an overdue amount on my new property, why should I pay?

All past dues should be settled prior to your move-in by the landlord as Qatar Cool signs a Cooling Service Agreement with the landlord, Past dues must be settled in order to reconnect the service, please contact your landlord in this regard. 

Why do I have to contact facility management for my air-conditioning problems, if I'm paying Qatar Cool?

Qatar Cool is responsible for the meter maintenance and the associated equipment enabling the provision of the chilled water. Qatar Cool receives payment for the provision of said chilled water and not that of the air-conditioning system (HVAC). Your facility management company along with your landlord are responsible for the maintenance of all equipment within the property, including the HVAC (air-conditioning) system.

Why haven't I received my bill?

The bills are automatically sent to the property owner, unless the owner has provided Qatar Cool with authorization to send the bill direct to the end user. 

Should you have recently changed your contact details or address please email the customer service office to update the agreement and your account.

What are the common areas and how are they billed?

Common areas are shared areas in a building and include recreational facilities such as the gym, banquet areas, the entrance lobby, stairways, lifts, and any other shared area.

Qatar Cool sends a separate bill for the cooling consumption in the common areas to the Co-Owners Association. This bill also covers the cooling services required to control the fresh air supplied for the build

What deposit do I have to pay at the time of signing a cooling agreement?

Cooling capacity (TR) Cash deposit amount for Residential:

  • 20 TR or less QR 3,000

  • 20-30 TR QR 6,000

  • More than 30 TR QR 10,000

Cooling capacity (TR) Cash deposit amount for Retail:

  • 3 months equivalent capacity charge
  • 3 months equivalent consumption charge at full usage