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Qatar Cool Waives Cooling fees

Amid the growing restrictions posed on the Retail and Hospitality commercial establishments Qatar Cool announced today its efforts to alleviate the burden of extra cost to affected customers by waiving the district cooling fees, including consumption and capacity fees.

The waiver will be for a duration of three months effective from the 1st March 2020 until 31st May 2020. The waiver applies solely to properties being used for the aforementioned commercial activities, including hotels, malls, restaurants and retails. Qatar Cool Terms and Conditions shall apply and the qualifying commercial properties will be notified.

Qatar Cool’s Chairman, H.E. Mr. Turki Mohammed Khalid Al Khater “we are in unchartered and unpredictable times.  The Pandemic is far-reaching, affecting both the community and the economy. With Qatar being in a state of ‘lock-down’ many businesses are facing economic struggles.  It is during this time we need to come together as a country to support the businesses being most `affected by the pandemic.  Qatar Cool will continue to support its customers in every way imaginable to ensure we rebuild confidence in the economy and allow business to flourish once the pandemic is over.”

Qatar Cool’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Yasser Salah Al Jaidah, said “we are committed to our customers and mindful of our responsibility to support the community, particularly in such circumstances beyond their control. We recognize that our commercial customers are in distress since COVID-19 constraints and hope that the waiver of cooling fees to the retail and hospitality customers will offer some much-needed relief.”