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Qatar Cool welcomes Officials from the Philippines Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Qatar District Cooling Company, also known as Qatar Cool, opened its doors to representatives from the Philippines Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), who attended a visit of Qatar Cool’s district cooling plant in the Pearl Qatar.  The visit was held on the 22nd of February 2016 in Doha, Qatar. 

During the visit, the delegates had a comprehensive tour of Qatar Cool’s plant in Pearl-Qatar districts of Doha. The tour focused on the district cooling technologies used and identified Qatar Cool’s best practices in the industry concluding with an overview of the environmental benefits reflected on the State of Qatar over the past six years; where Qatar Cool has prevented around 6 hundred million kilograms of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere, which is equivalent to the environmental benefit of removing over 120,000 vehicles from the roads or planting 14 million mature trees.

As the lead agency of the Philippines government, DENR is responsible for the protection, rehabilitation and management of the environment. It also takes proactive roles in implementing programs and projects leading to environment protection and preservation. 

The recent collaboration between DENR and Qatar Cool comes at a time where district cooling is not common practice in the Philippines thus triggering the Philippine Chiller Energy Efficiency Project (PCEEP), which requires the study of district cooling systems in order to assess the technical and financial feasibility of introducing district cooling into developing countries, as well as determining climate benefits and energy efficiency outcomes. 

The study prompted a series of institutional visits to different operational district cooling systems in the United Kingdom, Japan and Qatar in an effort for DENR to gain firsthand knowledge of the different operational aspects of district cooling to assess their applicability in the Philippines.

Yasser S. Al Jaidah, Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Cool commented on the visit, “We are honored to having been part of DENR’s research project and for being able to showcase our plant and achievements.  District cooling is a viable sustainable choice as evident by the recent industry growth, which is attributed to the fact that more developers and countries are recognizing the immense benefits of this technology.  We look forward to supporting DENR in their future projects and sharing our knowledge and experience.”