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 Qatar District Cooling Company (Qatar Cool) was incorporated in November 2003 as a Qatari Closed Stock Company. The Company’s founding shareholders are the United Development Company PSC (UDC) of Qatar (51%) and the National District Cooling Company (Tabreed) of the United Arab Emirates (44%) and other local prominent shareholders (5%).

Qatar Cool is the leading district cooling company in the Middle East. Since 2003, we have aimed to deliver world class products and services, underpinned by excellence in our knowledge base; both technical and operational, excellence and innovation in our facilities, and highly skilled staff.

Qatar Cool is currently the leading commercial provider of district cooling services in Qatar, with fully paid share capital of 330 million Qatari Riyal. With three operational cooling plants and one in the commissioning stage, three of which located in the West Bay district and the largest district cooling plant in the world located in the Pearl Qatar.

Qatar Cool is entirely committed to meeting our clients’ needs with solutions of the highest quality that will yield the best possible results, in the most competitive manner. Earning and retaining our clients’ trust is at the core of our practices; from planning, to execution, to delivery, to maintenance. We are proud to say that our employees manifest this commitment, given that they are as proud to be a part of Qatar Cool, as we are to have them as part of our team.

We believe that contributing to the creation of a brighter future for Qatar is a responsibility.  As one of the companies engaged in the creation of Qatar’s infrastructure for the 2030 vision; Qatar Cool has utilized vast resources in preparation to meet the needs of a growing country.  We also contribute in the improvement of our environment by providing a service that, to this day, has been responsible for reducing over 1.2 billion tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Since our inception, we are proud to say that we have managed our business practices in a manner that generates widespread benefits for our customers, shareholders, team members and communities and will continue to do so. Thank you for choosing Qatar Cool.


To be recognized as the best-in-class provider of district cooling services.


We are a safe, reliable, energy efficient and environmentally responsible provider of district cooling services, underpinned by a commitment to support the growth and development of Qatar and the creation of shared value for our customers, communities and shareholders.


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In November 2003, Qatar’s United Development Company (UDC) and UAE’s National District Cooling Company (Tabreed), along with some local Qatari investors, founded the Qatar District Cooling Company as a joint venture with the intention of providing district-cooling services to the public, commercial and industrial sectors of Qatar.

Since its inception, Qatar Cool has aimed for operational excellence in every aspect of its business. Over the past 15 years, the company has developed solid technical and operational experience and has refined its approach on both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) fronts. Currently, Qatar Cool is the leading commercial provider of district cooling services in Qatar, with a fully paid share capital of 330 million Qatari Riyals

Qatar Cool currently owns and operates three cooling plants covering the West Bay and The Pearl-Qatar districts with the combined capacity of 197,000 tons of refrigeration, with a forth cooling plant under the commissioning stage. In terms of reduction of emissions, all three operational plants have reduced over 1 billion kilograms of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in the past eight years, which is equivalent to removing over 206,000 vehicles from the roads or planting over 15 million mature trees.


With decades of experience and a detailed working knowledge of the district cooling industry, our Board of Directors provide institutional leadership and direction to ensure Qatar Cool provides its customers with an effective and efficient service.

  • Mr. Ali Alfardan


  • Mr. Ibrahim Al Othman

    Vice Chairman

  • Mr. Stephen Ridlington


  • Mr. Abdul Ali Al Abdulla


  • Mr. Colin Sangster


  • Mr. Yasser Salah Al Jaidah

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Mr. Nahar Saleh Al Mutawah

    Chief Operations & Services

  • Mr. Ahmad Moh’d Ishaq Shehadeh

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Mrs. Aysha Issa AlShriem

    Director HR & Admin

  • Mr. Christian Watson

    Manager Business Excellence

  • Mr. Mohannad Rafe Khader

    Director, Business Development

  • Mr. Aniruddha Kulkarni

    Director, Technical

The Pearl Qatar

West Bay

The total area served is 3.9 million square meters (41 million square feet) of the man-made island, the length of the Pipe Distribution Network (PDN) is 92 kilometers (57 miles) of underground supply and return pipelines with pre-insulated steel pipes with diameters ranging between 75 mm to 1400 mm. The network has one (1) boosting station.

All Energy Transfer Stations (ETS) are linked to the plant through a Fiber Optic Communication Network allowing for centralized monitoring and control of district cooling for The Pearl Qatar development.

Qatar Cool provides an invaluable feature to The Pearl-Qatar advanced infrastructure. The Integrated District Cooling Plant was specially commissioned for this community. With a capacity of 130,000 Tons of Refrigeration, it is the largest district cooling plant in the world. Occupied by over 45,000 residents, living in approximately 15,000 apartments and 700 villas. The island has also prestigious hotels and shopping complexes.


Inauguration date: November 2010
Cooling capacity: 130.000 tons (mechanical)
Number of chillers: 52


The total area served is more than 1.9 million square meters (20 million square feet), the length of the Pipe Distribution Network (PDN) is 28 kilometers (17 miles) of underground supply and return pipelines with pre-insulated steel pipe

The two operational plants are connected to the network and currently serving at the moment over 56 towers of Doha’s West Bay skyline. The third plant once operational will connect to the current PDN. Qatar Cool provides such towers as governmental offices, ministries, hotels, residential, commercial retail and office complexes. Every contracted customer has its own Energy Transfer Station (ETS) and all ETSs are connected through a fiber optic network to a central control room.


Inauguration date : September 2006
Cooling Capacity : TR 25,000 TR Mechanical & 25,000 TR-HR Thermal Energy Storage Tank
Number of chillers : 10

Plant One

Inauguration date : September 2009
Cooling Capacity : TR 32,000 TR Mechanical & 20,000 TR-HR Thermal Energy Storage Tank
Number of chillers : 12


Inauguration date : 2018
Cooling Capacity : TR 35,000 TR Mechanical & 25,000 TR-HR Thermal Energy Storage Tank
Number of chillers : 14

QPD DCP 3 (A) 1-15-2017

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Cooltech studies and recommends treatment programs based on the water quality and application. They are usually a blend of mechanical and chemical solutions, and it strives to protect the environment with environmentally friendly applications.

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