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In November 2003, Qatar’s United Development Company (UDC) and UAE’s National District Cooling Company (Tabreed), along with some local Qatari investors, founded the Qatar District Cooling Company as a joint venture with the intention of providing district-cooling services to the public, commercial and industrial sectors of Qatar.

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District cooling follows a simple process as illustrated below

  • Water is chilled at a central cooling plant
  • Chilled water is pumped through a network of underground insulated pipes to customers’ buildings
  • An air-conditioning water system inside the customer’s building circulates the chilled water
  • Air is then pumped through the chilled water piping of the air-conditioning system producing cold air

Components of the district cooling system:

  • Central cooling plant
  • Pipe Distribution Network (PDN)
  • Energy Transfer Station (ETS) or customer connection point.

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District cooling

District cooling entails the production and circulation of chilled water to multiple buildings through a network of insulated underground pipes. Cooled water is pumped from the central plant through the pre-insulated underground pipes connected to the building connections, which is called Energy Transfer Station (ETS). In the ETS, the coolness of the chilled water is used to chill down the water of the building through a Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE).

The PHE is composed of hundreds of parallel, vertical, thin, metal plates very close to each other. The cold water from the cooling plant flows between two of theRead More

Value, Mission ……

While district heating systems have been used since the time of the Romans, District Cooling has grown in popularity relatively recently as a result of the technological advances in pipe insulation and valves that reduces transmission losses and the advent of accurate consumption monitoring systems.

Essentially, district cooling entails the production and distribution of chilled water from a central location to be used for air-conditioning purposes. The chilled water is produced at a central cooling plant, where it is then pumped through a network of underground insulated pipes to customers’ buildings.

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senior management team

Mr. Yasser Salah Al Jaidah- Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Nahar Saleh Al Mutawah- Chief Operations & Services
Mr. Ahmad Moh’d Ishaq Shehadeh- Chief Financial Officer
Mrs. Aysha Issa AlShriem- Director HR & Admin
Mr. Christian Watson- Manager Business Excellence
Mr. Mohannad Rafe Khader- Director, Business Development
Mr. Aniruddha Kulkarni- Director, Technical