i2i (Qatar)

i2i (Qatar) was established to provide technical services for both new and existing buildings. Our team comprises of fully qualified, experienced engineers and technicians dedicated to provide an independent service. i2i (Qatar) have more than 20 different services to offer, these can be summarised in four different divisions.
Over the years i2i (Qatar) has proven its strength in providing independent technical services, we are the leading independent company in our field across the Middle East and Africa.
i2i (Qatar) is focused on providing a tailor made service to fit your requirements, we provide a user friendly approach and all our team members combined with state-of-the-art calibrated equipment provide a professional and pro-active service...Read more
CoolTech Qatar

CoolTech Qatar a "technical solution provider" for the water treatment, in comfort cooling sector, offers a unique blend of services to optimize efficiency and maximize equipment life.
Cooltech studies and recommends treatment programs based on the water quality and application. They are usually a blend of mechanical and chemical solutions, and it strives to protect the environment with environmentally friendly applications.
CoolTech provides the necessary after-sales services for proper application, system performance review, dosing controls, automation, bespoke water treatment programs and training of the operating personnel....Read more