District Cooling provides chilled water from a cooling plant through a network of pipes to multiple residential, industrial and commercial buildings for air conditioning purposes.
A District Cooling service provider is a utility company similar to water, electricity, telecommunication or gas companies, providing cooling services.
District energy is an ancient concept and relates to the supply of thermal or cool energy from one site to an entire district. Two millenniums ago, the Romans used to pump hot water through open trenches. They used this to provide hot water to the famous baths, homes and other buildings in Pompeii. There are thousands of similar systems in operation today around the world.District cooling is relatively new to Qatar and Qatar Cool is the leading supplier in the country.
Qatar Cool operates 2 plants in the WestBay area and has a plant solely dedicated to The Pearl-Qatar. Visit our operations in more detail
Qatar Cool’s district cooling operations in West Bay, Doha– which consist of two plants covering 10 square kilometres – supply over 67,000 refrigerating tons of cooling. They serve more than 35 towers with a capacity committed to serve 48. Qatar Cool built the largest district cooling plant in the world -The Integrated District Cooling Plant (IDCP) –to supply the entire Pearl-Qatar.This plant provides chilled water to 41,000 residents, hotels, shopping centres, villas and other facilities on the Island. It has a capacity to supply 130, 000 tons of refrigeration through a network totalling 90 kilometres in length.
Qatar Cool has a specialized technical team that handles the operations and maintenance of the plant equipment around the clock to ensure the most reliable cooling service. This service includes the unit owners’ Energy Transfer Stations (ETS) housed within their buildings.
District Cooling technology is environmentally friendly using 40 – 60 % less energy than conventional system. Qatar Cool’s systems in Qatar save 250 million kg of CO2 emissions annually. Noise pollution at the end user is significantly reduced as well.

District cooling reduces the cost of ownership in a property through the following factors.
Elimination of chillers, reduced number and capacity of transformers, reduced costs of internal power distribution and control panels, reduced costs of annual operation and maintenance, reduced power consumption and reduced building structure cost
Qatar Cool monitors its network round-the-clock, which makes unexpected failures a remote possibility. There is no need to worry about technical problems on weekends or at night, as the maintenance team is directly alerted to any problems and conducts necessary repairs at any time. The design of the District Cooling plant takes into consideration the possibility that some units might be shut off for maintenance which can be done at any given time while the tenant remains unaffected. In addition to that, the unit owners/end users are able to enjoy a peaceful and quiet environment due to the elimination of conventional cooling equipment often associated with high levels of noise, being very unsightly and taking up large areas of space. In addition the development benefits from the extra space made available and an overall safer environment.
Qatar Cool commits to signing long term agreements (20 to 30 years) with its clients.
Yes, if a Qatar Cool network is available close to the building, and especially if the building already has existing chillers. With public utility buildings such as hospitals or universities, a network can be created to serve the main building as well as several adjoining buildings in the vicinity.

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Interested developers should contact Qatar Cool directly with any enquiries. Qatar Cool will review all applications for their services and propose the best solution.
Each development has unique requirements, thus agreements are tailored to the individual project’s specifications. Qatar Cool and the developers enter into a long term agreement, usually for 20 years, to guarantee the proper supply of chilled water to the primary side of the ETS at the agreed capacity and tariff. Among other points, the below are the most important factors of the agreement.

Contract Capacity: The capacity is the required chilled water "quantity" to handle the air conditioning load for the entire tower or premises. The developer dictates the required capacity in this case and Qatar Cool makes available such capacity through the central plants and a dedicated network to the premises. The capacity is measured by Tons of Refrigeration (TR), which is equal to 12,000 BTU per hour.

Service Commencement Date: This is the date the developer dictates for commencement of service. Based on the two points above Qatar Cool ensures that the capacity is available from one of its plants and that the development can be served from the distribution network. Inside the premises, Qatar Cool designs,plans and installs what is called an Energy Transfer Station (ETS). This is where the chilled water is supplied from the central plant to one side (primary side). On the secondary side (inside the tower) the developer distributes the capacity to individual units per the design requirements.

As mentioned above, each agreement is tailored to the development's specific requirements. For example the developer fee structure on The Pearl-Qatar for 2016 is as follows:

Connection Fee: QR2,000 per TR (This fee covers the cost of installed equipment in the premises. This is a one-time payment from the developer to Qatar Cool.

Capacity Fee: This is a two-part fee:

One-Time Capacity Fee: This is set at QR5,500 per TR. This fee covers part of the infrastructure to bring the chilled water to the premises. It is a one-time payment from the developer to Qatar Cool.

Annual Capacity Fee: QR779.61 per TR per year. This is an on-going fee over the life of the agreement and covers the operation, plant, network and ETS maintenance, upgrades, capital investment, insurance, and other administrative costs required for operating the district cooling plant. This fee is varied according to the Consumer General Price Index (CGPI).

Consumption Fee: This is set at QR0.2711 per TR-HR consumed. This is based on the actual energy meter reading. This fee covers the cost of the water, power and water treatment. It may change if the cost of the listed utilities increase or decrease.

Deposit: Qatar Cool requires a 3-month refundable deposit for the Annual Capacity and Consumption Fees. This will be refunded at the end of the term in case of there being no default in payment.

Qatar Cool enters into agreements with the unit owners once the unit has been handed over to the owner by the developer. The cooling capacity for the individual units is usually dictated by the developer and includes an allocation for the common areas and shared facilities. Qatar Cool can only enter into an agreement after receiving all the units’ and unit owner’s information from the developer, as well as the clearance certificate.
Qatar Cool fees cover operational costs,plant, network and meter maintenance, and future upgrades or replacement of the district cooling system on the Island. They also include all maintenance of the unit owner’s Energy Transfer Station for 20 years.
Qatar Cool adopts a similar system to other utility providers such as water or electricity. Accordingly, unit owners/end users pay the following charges:

1.Annual Capacitycharge: A fixed charge billed periodically based on the cooling capacity allocated to the unit.
2.Consumption charges: A periodic charge billed to the unit owner based on the energy meter reading.
3.Other charges – Refer to ‘How are the agreements structured.
The agreements are structured to cover the fees listed below. The cooling bills are sent out periodically and include the following:

Capacity Fees: QR793.64 per TR per year
Consumption Fees: QR 0.2711 per TR-HR (based on usage)
Meter Maintenance Fee: QR 50 per month
Administrative Fee: QR 10 per month
Activation/Reconnection Fee: QR350
Refundable Deposit: Calculated based on cooling capacity allocated to the unit.
See table below:

Cooling Capacity (Ton)

Minimum Deposit (QR)

Greater than 0 – less than or equal 20


Greater than 20 – less than or equal 30


Greater than 30


Common areas are shared areas in a building and include recreational facilities such as the gym, banquet areas, the entrance lobby, stairways, lifts and any other shared areas. Qatar Cool sends a separate bill for the common areas to the Co-Owners Association. This bill also covers the cooling services required to temper the fresh air supplied for the entire building.
Qatar Cool’s agreement covers the district cooling service provided. The cooling agreement is signed between Qatar Cool and the unit owner for a term of 20 years. This assures our long lasting commitment to serving our customers. The unit owner's liability under the cooling agreement ends with a change in the property ownership. The new owner enters into a new agreement.

The estimated fees for any residential unit can be calculated by multiplying the square meter  of the unit by 5.5 QR.

So, 157 m2 X 5.5 QR = 863.50 QR is the estimation of the monthly cooling charges which  includes recurring fees, consumption fees & meter maintenance & administration fees

The fee structure is similar around the world; however, the rate may vary from country to country. Qatar Cool’s feesare competitive with the other district cooling providers in the region.
Qatar Cool's fees, like those of all other utilities', may change due to increases in inflation, fuel and production costs. However, Qatar Cool has made a commitment to keep their fees competitive at all times, both for the convenience of existing customersand to attract new ones.
The total size is included because it is the area mentioned in the Sales and Purchase Agreement between the unit owner and the developer. The cooling capacity is based on the air conditioned area and the share of the common area for each unit. The balcony is not included in the unit load as it is an unconditioned area.
The unit owner owns the energy meter. Qatar Cool maintains it for a fee. If the meter requires replacement then the owner shall pay the associated cost.

Qatar Cool has a Customer Service Office located in Qatar Cool Plant (IDCP) on The Pearl-Qatar for your convenience. We encourage all our customers to visit the office with any enquiries they might have.

Alternatively please refer to our contact us page.