Our Districts

While the company's first plant in West Bay, with a capacity of 30,000 Tons of Refrigeration, began operations in September 2006, the second plant in West Bay, with a capacity of 37,000 Tons of Refrigeration, started operations in October 2009. Both Plants are providing cooling service to over 50% of the existing towers in West Bay. The company is currently constructing a third plant in the West Bay area with a capacity of 40,000 Tons of Refrigeration to meet the growing demand.

Considering the environment as the priority of our clients, Qatar Cool accepted the challenge to own and operate the largest district cooling plant in the world, located on The Pearl-Qatar, to serve the 41 million square feet man-made island. The Pearl-Qatar is one of the main sustainable, urban projects in Qatar. The Integrated District Cooling Plant was inaugurated in November 2010 with a capacity of 130,000 Tons of Refrigeration, which made it the main eco-friendly technology on the island.

We are working with many major developments in the country to establish a district cooling system in their projects.  We believe that there are a lot of opportunities that exist now, and more to come soon with the country’s development plans. 

The Pearl Qatar
West Bay